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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dead Like me

When it comes to death I have grown up thinking about it, Ever since I was 3 years old I feared eternal hell fire of the moment I would die. So it is funny that my copping habits grew into understanding death and excepting it as a matter of fact, (so why not embrace the rainbow of life before one day I will die???) Yet now for me that fear of burning flames have long since gone and been replaced with fun ideas like in the show "Dead like Me" which first aired June 27, 2003. How natural to watch that death changes everything for the living and gives these Grimm Reapers a job working endless on cycling though the souls. This story starts out showing how being cynical or not motivated brings a sense of lost or annoyance over how life works. Then suddenly when that life is gone it can be a wake up call, like a new desire to enjoy everything just as it is but now it's not anything you ever knew before. Which makes this show so interesting to me, when it comes to death and the after life for that soul I wonder if many things are possible or are they very simple after this world ends? This show has a comical yet serious tone to the episodes. I like the rather clever way to look at what it would be like to try and stay modern as the society changes while maintaining to the rules in how to be a Grimm Reaper. When this show first came out I was the only one who really seemed to like it in the group I hung out with back then, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it! This show leaves me happily knowing if I had such a job like this I would enjoy trying to help lessen the fear of "crossing over" for others. In fact since I spent so much time growing up on the topic of death it doesn't faze me, like it doesn't scare or disturb me. It's such a deep sense of lost still carrying the fire while those you loved leave their space on this earth, don't get me wrong. But I like knowing how it's not the whole story, maybe it's the end of time for that one being who dies and who has touched so many other beings, that whole story is the mystery and the awe, where shows like "Dead like Me" can create new ideas and bring some kind of peace to living along side such real things like death.

Being respectful to someone who is a mess means that you realize how you are a mess too.

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