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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

True Blood

Okay so I was shocked by the very first episode and haven't stop watching since! 
It's a kind of hot and bloody steamy mess of show, I had never seen anything like it to be honest, it's a modern spin on Vampires.
Also it's no secret I hide away at times behind my blanket on the couch or scream out in my startled reaction because it is to much to fast in some moments, I will not watch even the theme song unfold because of the instant creepy feeling I get as the show begins. When I say that this show is pure sex I am not making it up! Perhaps it's the sex that brings a certain edge to the show, along with the all the vampires needing normal alive people to "Feed them", the ware-wolves, the mediums, the witches and the shape-shifters makes this show spin into one drama after the next, along side lots of sex, nakedness, and drug use of the vampire's blood called "V" the craziness unfolds at such shocking speed!
True Blood is one of those shows I haven't felt comfortable telling people I watch it because it's WAY over the top in everything they do or say. It's not always comfortable to watch or it's hard to figure out the good guys at the same time. I am getting better at admitting to having seen the show, the craziness is hard to turn away from like for example EVEN the fairies are having sex all over the place too! Sheeeeeeeesh this is such a CRAZY show! and I can't tell if they went off the deep end because everything started out like that from the first episode! HA!

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