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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Underground Church

In my small church growing up, we had a fun game that we LOVED to play! Especially during our church Family camp week in the summer. Up in Warm lake Idaho with our cabins, tents and campers all of us kids played our clever game "Underground Church." Now this game encouraged memorizing bible verses quickly in the dark summer nights. The way this game worked; 
There is a "pastor" over a small group of kids, that pastor person carried a flash light and a bible with the selected bible passage for the small groups of kids. Each kid in the group has to say one verse to the "secretary", the secretary person kept the points for their team. At the end of the game the team with the most bible verses said wins. During the game there is a group (usually of excited boys) called the KGB that grab the small groups of kids who are trying to get the secretary for their team points, the KGB puts these kids with memorized bible verses in "jail" for a certain time line. The "pastor/leader" of their team has to move around hiding from the KGB, so the kids of their teams can get the most bible verses said. This is best played in the dark or in the forest for hiding places. Everyone who sneaks around hiding, getting caught but can still say their bible verses helps their team win. THIS became a yearly game for those summer nights with the kids of all ages, I loved getting the game going, teaching the rules and watching the excitement grow! Even my beloved friend Tiffany would stay up a little longer at night to play this game with us! She was usually in bed before midnight...So the one time Tiff was my pastor I found her laying down with her bible in the tall wild grass of the camp ground. She was giving me the next bible verse in line of all our points, I sat bent down in muddy jeans from crawling on my hands and knees to her. Suddenly we heard a teenager guy walk by, he was one of the many "KGB" who would have sent me to the jail if he had looked straight down and saw me. So Tiffany and I laid there frozen then the sound of him peeing made Tiffany covered my mouth in my half cry of alarm. I thought I was going to jump up screaming if one drop of pee touched me!  We laid there together trying not to laugh. The young guy left as calmly as he had arrived. I gasped out "One more inch over he would have PEED on US!!" He was a shy quiet guy, so Tiffany told me I couldn't tell anyone about this moment. She knew he would get embarrassed. I was just amazed that the restrooms were only around the corner and he came to our off the path patch of grass! That tall grass by our heads where his peeing splashed and hit was like a protective blanket for us. We both curled up into each other holding back our giggling and our surprise. The shadow of the guy had at first startled us but then the fact we COULD of been peed on was MUCH WORSE at least to us teenage girls! From that moment on over the years I would warn the rest of those kids before the game even started, by saying "Okay now, Be safe out there!.. AND stay away from the TALL grass!" Tiffany would catch my eye with a remembering giggle.

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