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Monday, March 14, 2011

My first blog Award!

I have never won anything before! I have such a wonderful friend who is a writer at the blog Literary Legs. Lovely Laura awarded me with "The Incredibly sweet blog award" and I thought HOW INCREDIBLY SWEET:-D
Since I started blogging last August my whole life has changed, I have changed. I am proud of this blog no matter what, I am learning from the depths of my soul what it means to tell my side of my own personal story and boldly share my own cherished memories because everything that has happened to me has brought me here to this moment, to this day. And maybe I can help better this world for all I have learned......

In receiving this delightful reward I must share five random facts about myself.

1. I LOVE cooking stir fry because it can be as colorful as the rainbows with every kind of vegetable saute in olive oil over steamed rice. It's an endless dish of possibilities! I never make it the same way twice and that helps improve my cooking creativity.

2. I enjoy wear scarfs all the time, I think they are comfortable and colorful. I like how they add to the warmth you need on those cold winter days. I also like how they look when you dress up a bit more then usual. Ever since I learned to knit several years ago I am proud of all my scarfs and can't seem to wear them enough!

3. I happily listen every morning to Dick Gordon from THE STORY. I love such radio programs that tell a story and share in other people's lives, These type of radio programs help me relate to a different perspective. Some mornings will have me laughing out loud or crying softly. I feel myself balancing out my own emotions to think of my own story too. When people open up to share their life and their stories I melt like butter inside listening and delighting in knowing them better and deeper then before! I know it's impossible to know or hear every story out there but I am going to give it my very best to try and capture it all!

 4. My favorite place in my home is the dinning room that spills out from my tiny kitchen. I love that area in this one bedroom Condo in Boise Idaho. I write or draw at the kitchen table with my fat fluffy cat laying on my arm or I sit in the living room facing my favorite area of my home. When you live in a small place like this floor space is a treasure to have!

 5. I have a list of things I love doing, but when I walk I enter a whole other world that is hard to describe. It is amazingly beautiful to walk! To slowly move along the earth or discover what is located just around the corner. We easily miss out on so many details when we drive, ride or run. Walking is just a simple way to get around and yet it's like entering an entirely different place on earth! I hope nature will always be here for us to walk in the heart of everything!


  1. Congratulations Debby! I'm proud of you. Keep up the good writing. I think you're getting better and better.


  2. So glad you like the award! Keep up the great writing!