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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gin's Big Grin

When the heat of summer's day
Get's in the way
And all you crave is a
Refreshing drink.

When the limes are sliced
As the bubbles sizzle
From the newly open tonic
The ice cubes crinkle
While these all mingle

When the Gin bottle sparkles
The pouring shot drizzles
With that strong flavor moving
In a sonic way
When the glass is mixed
When the limes float
When the gin gives way to a big happy grin

On that hot summer evening, there is nothing quite as calming then a simple Gin & Tonic.


  1. Good one Debby! Ah yes, Gin & Tonic - nectar of the Gods.


  2. Thanks Dad! It was a bit more difficult to write a poem about GIN then I first thought:-} Maybe I should have been drinking one to get inspired better Hahaha