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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Search Party

It was on a warm August day when the warning ran through out the camp that a toddler was missing. In a place full of kids and parents church camp was a week long vacation of shared activities. So when this toddler went missing everyone sprung to life in the search for her! There was a fast moving creek along side of camp. Also there was a big mountain side behind the buildings and cabins. When I shot out to look for this missing little girl I was surprised by the sudden thunder storm that fell like a heavy wet blanket. Allen Bonnell, (he was the elderly man I cleaned house for weekly) gave me a wool sweater while I was out searching in the crazy storm. I was fascinated by this 100% wool sweater, it was amazing to see the rain drops bounce off of me like I was a trampoline! This sweater was like a magical cloak I stayed dry and warm as the heavy rain came down. I trucked along by myself up the muddy hillside then out to the wide open valley by the deep parts of the creek. Then when the camp bell rang out, I was excited to know if they had found the toddler. I can still remember how thrilling it was to see everyone come from all over the valley and the mountain side by the ringing of the bell. For that little girl had been found! It was such a happy ending to have the toddler returned to her parents. And I ended up wearing that awesome sweater everyday during the rest of church camp thinking that if I were a sheep, I wouldn't be giving up my magical wool during the rainy season!

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