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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Public Pool

I told my husband that this summer doesn't feel right, maybe because I hadn't  gone swimming yet at all as we entered August. Of course having my mother in the hospital tops this summer as the worse in my life and history so far. Tony excitedly took me to the public pool up and around the corner the other summer evening, he knew that I would still be sadly thinking of my mother and my family's trauma. BUT when I saw the pool I happily splashed around laughing and talking to my husband about how we were the oldest ones there! I loved the smell of Coppertone's sun screen! I felt like a kid again in the public pool in that calm hot summer night. The smell of the chlorine and my husband laughing while I showed him my mermaid moves in the glow of a beautiful sun set up high in the Municipal pool. This is an architecturally fun pool, as it sits high up from the ground as people can walk under it to the stairs to go swimming into the horizon. I LOVE THIS POOL! and whenever summer doesn't feel quite right I will just go swimming with my adorable Husband who said "If I tried to make friends with these kids would that be creepy? They are having the best swimming races, and I want to join in!" I laughed so long as I realized we all want to be a kid again when we splash into that cool blue water!

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