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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My Husband Tony has his own blog that I happily love to read! He is almost polar opposite to my "Love everything, always" blog approach. He has a more "Let's call it like it is" attitude or a "this is life, and it's not a new thing" message. I truly LOVE that about my man, how he can say things we are all thinking while not getting into trouble for it very often....He keeps me grounded if I allow my imaginary fairies to take over (as I wish for something magical to save me from life's struggles sometimes) Tony will always smile and wink at me jokingly saying that my fairies need to just let me deal with life on my own. Now he isn't such the cynic I first married and I love that too! While I knew he was different, especially around Christmas time every year with his Grinch like face, I still never gave up my holiday cheer and now he will proudly announced that he loves Christmas and most holidays too! We really do balance each other out, I was laughing so hard the other night when Tony said to me ".....As a reformed asshole, I have great insight to what most rude and selfish people are thinking." I laughed so much because that is a funny way to put his changed attitude, He also claims that living with me has reformed him. Looking back I was always just myself and I accepted him as he was/is different from me. We are sharing this one same life as different people.  For I enjoy everything about our marriage, even our arguments because I learn something from those too. My Tony helps me stay wise and I help him dance in the cool summer evenings a little more:-)
Today I want to feature my husband's blog on JESUS. Because Jesus was the very first thing we discussed together and I still enjoy the topic, although I am not eager to reclaim Christianity....maybe I can improve on my spirituality instead?

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