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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Candy Apples

We went to the Fair every summer as the last fun summer event  back when I was a kid and I would save my money all year to be able to go wild buying anything I saw! For I had learned quickly when I was younger as my father wouldn't let us have a drink of his soda on those hot afternoons when we spent all day long at the Fair. He would simply explain to us that he bought his beverage with his own money. It is interesting looking back, I use to think he was mean to not let us little kids have a drink, but that was his way of teaching us to save our own money if we were thirsty again, especially for the next hot summer fair! And it really worked. (Although I wouldn't ever do that to my kids I can still see how well it trained me so young to not suffer from thirst again) My money went to all kinds of things, many mistakes or poor quality. But every year I liked buying candy apples, milkshakes and cotton candy! almost the instant we walked on to the fair grounds! That bright red color of the candy apple was the most beautiful to me! I was so attracted to it, like a moth to a lamp. It has been years now since I've had a candy apple, sadly most apples I get are to mushy and that glazed bright red candy coat is often rock solid. Luckily I never broke a tooth and maybe this year I will give a candy apple another try....With my own money saved up from all year:-D

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