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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Famous Ice Cream Potato

Every year for the FAIR I buy an ice cream potato and it is amazing! It is chocolate syrup drizzled over an oval shape ice cream ball dusted in cocoa powder so that the inside is vanilla but the outside looks like an real potato, I think it is  Completely Genius! Top with whip cream to look like sour cream and shaved chocolate to look like chives. I can not describe how much I love this dessert! I first shared with my Grandma Norma when we went to the fairs, parades or festivals in the parks. Then I always shared one with my mom, and I can eat a whole one on my own in the summer dry evenings while listening to the screams from the carnival rides under the glow of the street light by the water fountain. I take in all the reflective end of day shift,I sit watching people go by or I dance for awhile to an oldies band on a live stage then I enjoy eating my own ice cream potato as the grand finale! Sooooo why don't you go try an ice cream potato this year at the Fair? .................for I can not talk enough about them!  YUMMMMMY

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