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Friday, August 19, 2011

Loaded Fries

Each year on the first open day of the Fair my friend Chantel and I go out into the food court full of yummy smells to share a plate of loaded fries! WE count down the days of working setup and check-in to when the booths are open for our excitement! A plate of loaded fries are so built up that easily 2 people can get full chowing down! Chantel was the one who got me into this Fair job and we happily enjoy margaritas on the rocks after our hard working busy summer days, We have ordered our loaded fries from many different places counting the layers of stuff like chives, salsa and sour cream. When we get bacon bites or jalapenos we are thrilled and tell everyone what booth has the BEST loaded fries! Fair Food is amazing, greasy, smokey and salty...I think that it is simply Perfect for a hot summer night!

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