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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Renewing Another Year

           Over the last few years my life has shifted into a healthy happy place that took me out of shopping at the mall to growing at home. Looking back over these several months I have learned about our fast pace working successful life styles that make it almost impossible to have a home cooked meal. This year I've decide to share these things I have learned.(Not that I have it all figured out but I am more at peace then ever before, more calm and confident.) The days will come when we will need to know how to grow, how to fight for what is right and important to us. Learning to be helpful and independent gives us such amazing joy, also gives that peace of mind in how we can take responsibility.
Some of my best mornings over these years have been listening to this survival pod-casts with fresh coffee in hand, while also looking out my window to the wide open world knowing that when I'm done working for that day out there it's going to look good!
Living side by side with nature is one of the gifts I hope to convey over this next year on my blog, I am not saying shopping or the mall are bad places I just think if they take every free moment you have away then there is most defiantly a BETTER WAY....

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