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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Sweet Dogs

  This has been such a lazy extremely cold winter, that my 3 dogs love to nap and cuddle ALL day long.
I finally found a frame for my Minnie's portrait. 
On my book shelf I have the memory of Savannah. Next to my Oscar when he was a puppy in his own stylish dog coat. Then as a gift from the first owner of Sidda, my friend Melissa gave me the picture of Sweet Sidda when she was just a pup! So now my heart glows everyday as I pass by these pics!
I LOVE my dogs more then anything in the whole world! I plan my days around making sure they are never neglected, I clean out their beds every week and always watch over them. At night we all curl up side by side in bed.
Sidda is a 7 pound Priness, I carry her almost everywhere or tuck her up on the edge of the couch. She sleeps on my same pillow in bed and greets in the morning with snorts, groans and licks on my nose. I can't help but kiss her so much!
Oscar still pouts and begs for attention, he is easily annoyed then goes off to nap in the dark guest room when he has had enough of the other pets in the home. How different his life is now not being in my full attention. I really believe it is good for him to learn to share, He adores Sidda, protects her at the dog park and lays on the floor to roll and play with her on the same level.
Minnie is bigger then Oscar by 15 pounds, when she first came to live with us last year she didn't even notice I had 2 other dogs, I think she was so overwhelmed in a new place and her panic never allowed her to focus on others. She is such a different dog now, still bulldozing but aware now of the other 2 dogs. Every so often Oscar and Minnie will have a run in either over a toy or food. I have a system in feeding them separate, and most importantly I do not mind huging and loving on each of them every night. Each morning they get a time to sit in my lap and I chat with them. Having these 3 dogs and 2 cats in my home makes me both very happy and busy. Minnie will lean into my chest and chin staying there awhile in order to calm down. Oscar will lay over my lap and Sidda will lay on my shoulder.....sometimes when they all do this at once my husband will laugh and say "Mommy is their FAVORITE person in the whole world!" I like being such a "Mommy" to all the creatures in the world but I never would have thought I would have 3 dogs at once.....funny how life happens, how the creatures will find us! How magical these moments spent all together are! My heart is so grateful and proud to have such sweet dogs!

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