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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Advice on Avocadoes

My husband Tony was teasing me when we first met working at the local fruit stand of our small town. "Are you really just eating that avocado whole like that? he asked bewildered as he arrived to start working catching me by surprise. I replied with half a mouth full of the soft green center "Yes, WHY? What's wrong with it?" He watched as I ate the avocado like an apple in my hand at the cash register. As I tossed the outside skin into the trash I still ate around the center pit while he watched in awe then asked again "Why would you eat a WHOLE avocado?" I stood licking my fingers quickly saying back as I began to restocked produce in the late afternoon summer time heat, "For a healthy quick snack." I smiled over my shoulder at him, he just shook his head so I raced off to clean myself up a bit, wondering why did I care what he thought? I liked eating ALL  kinds of things like an apple. Avocados, Sweet Onions, red raw potatoes, I even ate peaches with the fuzz on them because I was in a hurry at work for time and for a quick nutritional snack.  When Tony and I had time again together to chat later on that evening he explained why he was really bothered about me eating avocados. "Avocados are full of fat ya know." He said shaking his head at me again like I was silly. It was one of those moments where I suddenly realized once again how odd I was, I grew up pulling fruit off the tree and eating as I walked the farm. I dug up potatoes from my mother's huge garden and ate them as is. I knew Tony was thinking I was silly to eat everything like an apple while working this fruit stand together but I didn't change my ways only asked Tony what was wrong with fat? I liked avocados for the comfort and energy them gave me along with that uniquely creamy taste. He continued to share what he know about the harmful studies of eating a whole avocado. I slowed down on eating them every week, but I always loved them! When it came to mainstream ideas I broke from traditions, I didn't believe avocados were ever bad for you nor did I like the idea only 1 egg at breakfast time I was always still hungry for more so I ended up embracing my oddly silly different self quite quickly in life. I was teased, I was judged, I was not going to stop being who I was for anyone. Yet when it came to that very common question "Did you wash that?"  "They" would gasp in horror or grab it from my open mouth and race to the sink.... Those people the "they" of my memories was pretty much anyone who saw me pull a carrot out of the ground and start chewing. They would exclaim to me "Debby you have to WASH IT before you can EAT IT!!!"  I didn't agree at all, but usually let them run to the sink in pure panic.
However these encounters went down I still love to be basic, eat raw produce, dust it off or not, I have always believed "If you grow it, then you should know it" I don't like to be fearful of bug poop or germs on my raw real foods. We've really lost our understanding about germs, bugs and true health over the last 50 years, I was either born before my time or past it. Maybe my soul and mind remembers a time in history when they had no hand sanitizer, no packaging or fruit wax. I eat more avocados now in my 30's then ever before! Maybe one every day if I really try to count them all, It's the best kind of fat to stop crazy cravings and heal your skin from the inside out. This kind of fat is VITAL to our over all survival and it's  getting us back to the healthier basics. (If you worry avocados are so expensive remember that the money goes to saving you hundreds of dollars in having good... if not GREAT health when you are old. A Hospital bill in 30 years from now could have bought you a life time of vital nutrition from many, many avocados!
I HEART Avocados  and I live HAPPY!

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