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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The most important things...

It is important for me to better the lives around me, Yesterday I turned 34 and spent the day with my mother. It was wonderful, a bit of work to get myself outta bed early enough to hang out with her. I like seeing her so happy to go to town and get dressed up. Our shower times are always a couple of hours I make sure she gets a pedicure and manicures, that I help her shave as much as possible. While a little make up goes a long ways in her being ready to be out in the world. I've been trying to get her focused on good eating habits and hoping she will notice the weight changes and easier movement on her paralyzed leg. This could take some redirecting, and long term goals for her attention. She treated me to lunch for my birthday and we spent the afternoon shopping in a craft store. My husband Tony came along for support and knowing it was the only time he could see me before his long late night class. "This is YOUR birthday, not a day to clean your mom's house or cook for her." He reminded me while we got coffee drinks for the hour drive ahead, I explained that this is the only day it will work out this month to go see my mom and everything will be just fine doing whatever she would like. He shrugged feeling a bit helpless to not call the shots over what kind of day he thinks I should have. It was good for me to have him there reminding me not to work so hard like usual. I was thrilled to see my teenaged brothers driving on their own now and even cooking up breakfast eggs by themselves! True, by the end of the day I was wiped out, even my dogs slept very deeply after playing in the snow at Teresa's for that time I could be with my mom. It was a good day to be out with my mom nicer weather and to have those moments of laughing, talking and sharing.....I wanted to help her get around and to go out to eat like we've done in the last few birthdays of mine. I never have my own agenda to go someplace, just wanting to hang out with her for as long as she wants, seeing her happy is perfect enough and it is what I find to be important all in all. My husband was so sweet to stay along side me all day even if he got frustrated thinking I should be more "spoiled" in my Bday... I explained to him that I was NOT feeling neglected at all. I liked taking my mom where ever she wants and trying to help her stay within budget while shopping. We all were together,  getting some things done and help my mom setup her scrape booking hobby for her time being home. It was such a fast pace good birthday for me, even Later on when Tone came home from class we had ice cream while it snowed outside late into the midnight hours I smiled as he hugged me saying he wished I didn't have to work so hard on my birthday I replied "Sometimes working hard through out the day makes relaxing at night all the more better. It is the time we spend with those we love that is the most important things in reaching another birthday"

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