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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Microwave Messes

It's very true that I like to keep my kitchen appliances cleaned, for when you use them dirty the clean foods you are cooking could get dirty too.
We've just had a microwave in the home for a month now and I am still not use to cleaning it so the other day when I opened the door to find splattered messes everywhere I squealed!
My husband look over his shoulder commenting on my reaction, "I know I thought you would have cleaned it out by now..." I frowned as I went on task to cleaning it replying "I'm always forgetting it's here when I clean the kitchen TELL ME next time you see such a mess Good grief!"
One of my favorite things is how easy a microwave is to clean, for it's very important to stay clean with the door close germs will reproduce offspring until there is a whole family reunion of bad bacterias gathering! YIKES!


Step 1. First I will get a coffee cup or mug and pour in lemon juice OR vinegar if i do not have lemon juice.  THIS is amazing stuff lemon juice smells better then vinegar but I use whichever I have on hand. In the coffee cup I place in the center of the microwave for a minuet or 2 depending on the size of the sticky cooked on messes......This heat up the liquid giving the insides a "Spa" like steaming and loosening all food particles.

Step 2. Take a dry cloth and wipe out from top to bottom the microwave after everything was steamed over really good.
Then use a wet cloth to wipe it all out one last time for I like to remove the plate and wheel and get down into the corners for the best results.
Often the whole kitchen will smell like lemons when I am done!
This is even easier when you clean after every spill or every splatter. Microwaves are used so much more now days that keeping them clean is very important.
I use the microwave every so often and it can be very handy, but I love my stove far more! Yet cleaning a stove is a much bigger job! Enjoy the easy steps of cleaning your microwave and remember....
        Take good care for your kitchen and it will keep you safe!

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