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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


            This is such a beautiful movie! I was really taken by surprise over it's amazing beauty! This red headed girl in "Brave" wasn't the typical fairy tale princess one would expect and along with the music, the excitement of her story starts off with such cleverness that soon you are truly into the story....I could watch this movie over and over again for it's Amazing! FULL of life lessons and inspiration! Most importantly for me I saw my own mother in the Queen, in this mother/daughter relationship I related on a very emotional level.
They did a great job portraying the personality differences and the common ground both a Mother and Daughter can share. I remember once thinking to myself when I was younger....the same idea in this movie.....
 "If I can change my Mum, that will change my fate."

This action pack story is both magical and truthful in how we come to our senses over the other person's feelings in our lives. Before my mother's stroke, she was all about such rules in obeying God more then just being my mother. For all those years when I was growing up, she was preparing me for "Motherhood". I was left to feel frustrated, misunderstood and disrespected...even more importantly very "trapped" while around my mother's expectations. She was full of sermons, speeches and long listed opinions, she was guarded and judgmental. She had perfection in a belief system that was almost untouchable. I learned once I had grown up in how I could respectfully give my mother her time, give her speeches an ear and all her rules the respect she deserved, then when that set time was up I took myself away, gave respect to myself a very different person from her, MUCH like in this movie when the princess Merida goes riding through the forest on her horse in a glorious morning...THAT was how I saw my own time away from my mother also! The love I have for my mom was made stronger when not always around her, when not always being scolded or corrected by her. (Mothers often treat their children very differently from how they treat everyone else.) There is a special bond between mothers and their children that can be broken or strengthen simply by the choices we make in the end....
       "Brave" has this way of showing these same familiar situations I could totally relate to, this made me realize how very much like the Queen my mother went through a similar journey in changing, growing and learning to be a different person over all....Like Before my mother's stroke she was all about proper rules and preaching about God's judgement. After my mother's stroke she changed into this sweet softness, where as she is more open and honest with her words.  My mother went through major trauma to realize how her old rules don't have to be so strict anymore, and I truly find it easier to be around her in all these new conversations, it was a hard journey to live through........just like in the movie where this mother and daughter had to find each other in that emotionally perfect ending.
 Proving once again how taking the time to fix such mistakes in our past will better our future.....
                                                                       for one day when all the distractions are swept away, we will see what we are really made of in the end!

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