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Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to School

          This morning I swung back inside knocking the snow off my shoes exclaiming loudly "Man it's COLD out there!" After setting up fresh water bowls for my chickens while my dogs ate their breakfast in their own crates. The icy cold morning woke me right up in my messy braided hair and fuzzy sweater over my Pajamas. TODAY is the end of our Holiday break, it has me a bit down.....I LOVE having my free time in the afternoons for a nap or a good book. For my artsy projects, organizational skills. While it's storms or snows I drink freshly made coffee petting and brushing my cats, I throw the ball around the yard for my dogs and come inside to long conversations with my husband into the early evening when we cook dinner together!
TODAY he goes back to school, law classes and stressful busy organized days.....I get back into my Nanny job, coming up with clever ways to see the kids finish homework or practice piano. It's a new year, a new semester......AND not a life style I enjoy much. Business is a distraction for the soul to grow and find meaningful peace. Yet education is for the mind to stay sharp for I really enjoy all the new topics with my husband's classes, those discussions we have about all he is learning. I usually do my own studying with the kids I nanny for, taking parts of their homework to see if I know it at all as well. From laundry to cleaning and cooking my days will soon be scheduled both at home and in y job. This is what has me a bit down for my creative soul loves when I can be "Snowed in", I love those moments when my dogs all take a nap with me on the couch randomly. ALL the hours I can write, all the romance of the holidays and this morning when I said "Man it's COLD out there!" I waited for my hubby's reply "I know come on in I made coffee....thought we would watch this documentary over breakfast, can you cook up the eggs?" Instead the house was quiet and he was off to work early, in order for him to catch his first class this afternoon......We really had a good cozy time at home, hibernating in the winter is very important to us. Back to school really isn't our kind of life style but doing this now will mean when we are older we won't have to. I think time will soon really FLY right on by! In 6 months from now I will write about the way it all feels so fast, truly the older we get the faster it will all go as well!
For now, for today it is BACK TO SCHOOL, back to work and late nights. Back to cooking ahead and always watching the least until our next break when we will consider it a great day being our PJ's ALL day! 

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