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Thursday, January 10, 2013


              When I was sitting around my Christmas tree at night the only lit up thing in the whole house last month....I felt silently both happy and sad that it couldn't last forever, or at least not through the winter home really does look naked without that tree:-{
This holiday season was oddly different from the last few years, I wasn't running around town donating things and buying tons of toys for tots. I wasn't giving away all kinds of baked goods to very neighbor like the days of living in my condo. I actually do not bake anymore being a paleo person and I am not a financially spoiled housewife like in the years past, since now my husband started law school. This all got me thinking about what traditions make the holidays special and what things we have to change for the new time, the new stage in life's adventures that we live in....
Christmas eve for my first 15 years of life was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Graber's lovely home on the hill, their riches flooded the big farm house, with a tree or 2 on every floor and in every room Christmas decorated it fully! My Grandma's snow village sparkled magically as if a real place to visit, I stared at it for hours much like how I still stare into my Christmas tree this year. When the holidays arrives I remember those first Christmas traditions when my Grandpa would stoked the wood stove as the warm flames decorated the place with my Grandma setting up food trays. Their Gifts were stacked up against the walls and family mingled around. Holiday music played as my memory took it all in, It was a fun time of the year and I always miss my grandparents during this holiday.....
Now as I create my own world, my own home for the holidays, I notice how traditions change year to year for me but that amazing tree stays the same so I sit around it getting warm and hanging out to it's magic!

It will take me awhile to stop missing the holidays as busy as they can get, In was so much fun looking back over last month for I loved being with family and friends! 
I loved decorating my home in more crazy decor then usual. 
Tis a new year now though so I should move forward.....
This snow day over the whole treasure valley has me happily drinking extra coffee looking out my windows, feeling reflective and cuddling all my pets!
When I went to feed and water my chickens they didn't even come out of their coop to see me like usual as the snow piled up on my eye glasses and I ducked back inside I thought of how I miss celebrating Christmas all this snow feels like it should STILL be Christmas!
For THIS is winter in such full glory! I am glad to be staying home in my Pjs all day,Ha!

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