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Monday, January 7, 2013

Traditional Values

When my husband and I were visiting with a friend recently we realized how sometimes we come across to others as a "traditional couple". It's rather odd for us to think that we are seen in that way, because from the moment I had met my husband, we dated and we debate over EVERYTHING, we were so far from being the same personality. We had different ideas of traditions, of politics, and of faiths, yet the one thing we had in common when we first met was that We both never wanted to be traditional, yet we DID get married so for some people that could be considered more of a "traditional" way of living....We have always challenged each other even years later about becoming stuck or carrying out traditional thinking.
I have always been a questioning person, because not following the crowd was HOW I was raised actually. I don't regret a second of seeking outside that box, outside the bible and that system of my childhood....Being traditional left my husband and I talking late into the day about what does it mean to us, we have always been worried about being told from society how to live verse figuring it out for ourselves, we still like disagreeing and debating with each other, so being summed up in a way made us both think deeply over our ideas and standards.
          My husband has been teasing and joking now with everything I say or do because he thinks it's funny to even be remotely considered "traditional". He says if anyone is traditional in our relationship it would me though, again I laugh at all his cleverness! (He's a funny guy)
  A white church with a steeple comes to my mind when I hear the word "Traditional" and even when I was being described that way in that very moment I  sat searching for a better word like "Classy." or "Respectful" or maybe "Virtuous" instead of "traditional" 
(Not to pat myself on my own back mind you, just not wanting to be misunderstood) So I was a bit fired up over the encounter when afterwords my husband ran with that phrase for days! I guess this happens without really paying attention, we grow up into leadership rolls, for I know how I see the world clearly. I live everyday with a connection to all things, my passion and protection go hand in hand, living wisely, caring and dealing with others is most important to me. For I want to be aware of people's feelings and thoughts, yet I also have to stand my ground, take responsibility for who I am....and now I don't think being traditional is a bad thing........If it means those things? right? 
I guess that it has all been a GOOD thing to think about and to wonder over, for what is tradition and what is judgement? Do they get mixed up at times?
 Because I do NOT want to be Judging even when standing up for myself.
           I don't want to live like most people, I don't want to get stuck in all their rules as well.....I'm hoping to grow, change and live without limits and carry my responsibilities wisely....I can simply just be traditionally ME, with my values and most importantly with my dreams!

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