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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Soup Recipe

 *Kale and Sausage Soup*
In my cast iron dutch oven on medium heat over the stove I cook a pound of ground sausage. With a whole chopped onion and 3 garlic cloves. The wooden spoon I have will stir and break up the cooking meat until it's brown the oils and fats will cook up the onion as I toss in chopped carrots and celery. Putting the lid over for a couple of minuets to steam cook those hardy veggies.
Once seasoning and stirring in salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne or chili powder fill the pot with water or bone broth. Leave on medium heat until it all comes to a boil then add in chopped kale maybe even cilantro or parsley. (I usually try to use up my veggies for many different styles of soup.) 
For a thicker soup also I will add in roasted cauliflower,finely chopped it looks kinda like rice into the boiling soup. Once soup has come to a boil reduce heat to low and serve! 
The second or third day serving taste just as good as when it was first made. It's a hearty warm meal, (NO cans of anything) Homemade soup is the BEST! And remember in these freezing cold winter days along side a glass of red wine or hot tea this soup can be changed up all the time, so it's never boring!
Happy Winter Eating!

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