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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Lady Lavender

 On Christmas day I was AMAZED, I was so very AMAZED in receiving my new bike! Dad and Teresa got me this all purple amazing new bike, even the bike seat was nice looking! 
My old used bike from last summer kept getting on Dad's nerves with a chewed up seat and flat tires. He said "You need a better bike then this!" When we went on a few bike rides, I didn't give it much thought so when he actually got me a new bike I was so stunned! Christmas was a magical fun holiday, the fact I got such a great gift blew my mind!
I was so happy to find a cheap old bike last summer, but it was a mess this is true. I was all so proud to ride it downtown with everyone else for lunch only to lock up next to a row of nice looking classy bikes, THAT  was when I first felt very insecure suddenly with my chewed up seat as I chuckled saying to Dad "Well NOW I'm thinking my bike does need work  done... you were right. Just look at all these beauties!"

 It is one of my favorite summer past times to bike all around town through the green belt, amazing trees, past the zoo, through all the parks to down town coffee shops or fun patio pubs....Especially when biking with Dad, Teresa and my hubby Tony. It's really fun staying together on a sunny afternoon with all our bikes, usually with a relaxing break along the way........Now I can do that in Style!

This new bike is so magical, beautifully put together, purple with actual gears, even with pink water bottle to boot!
It's going to be so much fun knowing I can keep up with everyone else now when we go out for a ride!
On Christmas morning I was in such shock and excitment at the sight of my new bike! I named her Lady Lavender at first sight! Both Teresa and Dad loved the name, we made plans for all kinds of things in the bike world!
My heart is so full with thankfulness to have such amazing in-laws! To have such love for the holidays!

(I am proclaiming this the summer of long bike rides and picnics!)  

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