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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stove Top Scrubbing

   Whenever my stove top gets messy I wipe it clear as I cook, yet when things boil over or spill into the burners such messes are much bigger then a walk by wipe up movement.
Also currently the activity in my kitchen has double with more of our roommate cooking as well. I have decided for this spring cleaning to when I will get my stove/oven fresh new look. Usually I do this kind of project in the winter around every new year, to keep these big cleaning jobs for when I am kept indoors yet since this is a more activity place the kitchen, I will wait to change things around in the spring this time....
Whenever I clean the stove I use "pet friendly" ways, for I HATE with a deep angry passion such things as "Oven Cleaner" the fact that we even can buy it in stores overwhelms me and I pray to God no one who is or could be pregnant uses that stuff! NOT to mention a healthy normal person breath in those fumes and finds the head ache just a warning sign for the cancer to come! I will preach until I am blue in the face about the dangers of oven cleaner! 
NOT in my home as long as I live!
Cleaning the stove is such a detailed chore, I will set aside an afternoon for it will take me at least 2 hours to get the stove/oven looking brand new again. (This chore is once or twice a year because of the depth it takes)

TO CLEAN the stove and oven SAFELY;

Step 1. I get a tub of hot soapy water ready a few rags and begin to wipe down from stove top fans, blades and replace the filter. I will use a scrubber pad on the inside where heavy grease falls off. The new light bulb and filter makes the cooking space bright and smoke free!

Step 2. I then use the warm damp rag to wipe down all the knobs and buttons. This brings all the dirt down to the center of the four burners.

Step 3. I open the oven door take out the racks and sprinkle over baking soda powder then spray over that vinegar to let it sizzle and bubble for a while with the door closed again.

Step 4. I toss the old burner catchers away and wipe each burner off really good in the warm wet cloth setting aside on a clean towel.

Step 5. I sprinkle baking soda all over the stove top and under layer where the burners go. Then spray over it vinegar and let it set.

Step 6. I will then get a new warm wet cloth and wipe everything down eve the front of the oven door and bottom drawer front where people scrape their shoes on.

Step 7. Then after the bubbling cleaner sits on the lower layer under the stove top I change to paper towels in order to wipe up and out all burnt particles straight to the trash can. I use paper towels for the inside of the oven as well. ALL dirty, black and gross paper towels land straight into my trash can.

Step 8. I use the vacuum to get any crumbs on the floor of the oven in the back corners I can not reach with a paper towel.

Step 9. I put all the clean racks back in oven and setup the new drip catching burner plates on my brand new looking stove and oven!

Step 10. I step back in awe of my mad skills in cleaning and not once did I choke or puke over unwanted chemicals to "De-grease" my most important cooking station!

Save yourself from harm and never ever use oven cleaner, PLEASE I beg you never use that stuff! I have other very safe and good alternatives like; lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda or salt. These will do the job nicely if ya wanted things to smell REALLY good for it IS in the kitchen simply cut an open fresh onion to deodorizer and disinfect everything too!
Keep it safe! Keep it clean!

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