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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tasty Spirits

For this new year I've been wondering how could I get to live in Cannon Beach one day, When we were there over Thanksgiving weekend we discovered the Cannon Beach Distillery, a really fascinating place! This young man use to vacation in Cannon Beach with his family then took his education in chemistry to a whole other level! What a successful business plan and what a fun place to live! The taste and quality of those spirits he makes right there were wonderful to share! We really hope he does great, It is a fun thing to learn how people follow their dreams and plans....
I often am left inspired wondering how does one get started creating the life from a dream?
Hard work, happiness and believing in yourself are the first steps to reaching those goals. But I also think it takes a certain courage to simply GO FOR IT. I've always thought a bed and breakfast would be a really fun business or a doggie hotel where people can stay at nice hotels while on vacation still bring along their dogs, I could watch over them at night then the pet owners can pick their dogs up for the day of fun, I like the idea of creating a paleo restraunt too. The way we use to eat isn't cutting it anymore, having a desire to share better healthier foods would be a blast! YET all these dreams are fun on paper and in conversation, daydreaming and reality create a good healthy balance in life I think.....
Inspiration is what gets the job done! Maybe I will or maybe I won't run my own business one day it's okay either way. I love how everyone has a life story, everyone has a dream to reach for! I also LOVE that small cute cozy town on the Oregon Coast......where now you can drink locally made gin on the sand in Cannon Beach while the sun sets behind Haystack rock against the waves and in your heart all things stay in place! Time is still for the moment you are there and your dreams grow bigger wings to fly!

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