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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Count it all JOY!

            Last night while having my cousins over I was reminded that I have only 2 more months of our roommate living with us. It wasn't an impossible situation entertaining company cooking dinner while my roommate and his girl cooked too, BUT nevertheless it is a life style I will NOT repeat. So really in retrospect after 9 months, What is 9 more weeks? As my clever hubby would say "We are getting closer to the finish line."
Having a roommate reminds me of my own early 20's when I had an apartment full of girls, it was NOT so romantic of course but I look back a decade later thinking of our good times, My husband and I have never had any good times with our roomy upstairs, I honestly don't think in a decade I will look back to this situation in the same reminiscing way.
It was awkward at first to try so hard to get to know our roommate this past fall, to be extra thoughtful and mindful even careful to never make him uncomfortable around us. Of course we are always here, always home. He has a girlfriend that keeps him busy or away for days, so all in all getting to know him is impossible. If he likes to keep to himself I respect that and have learned he won't speak unless spoken to first. All in all over these months I like to simply count it ALL Joy. For when I count my blessings, I count the reasons why we wanted to stay living on this street and in this home with an already established roommate, I don't take living with such a different type of person personal I simply count it all joy! I won't be stupid of course, I won't miss this time in my life at all. It will be nice to feel comfortable in my own home again where I could read a book without the interruption of loud crazy sexual noises falling over my head from the attic. I won't miss every light in the house being left on or all hours coming and going noises. This was my counting of joy, that truly it will NOT last forever. I think maybe my husband has had the hardest time with this whole situation, we have lived through so many crazy moments that it has brought us even closer, like when we are sound asleep in the darkness of these early cold mornings our roommate comes home from days being gone to make coffee and blind us with sudden lights. My adorable Hubby whispers to me in our pure panic "Quick! put a pillow over your head and count to 100 before reacting." He knows all about my instant temper and when I feel threaten I do attack with such roaring power! (I think it's my mothering ways like a Mama Bear) Instead of reacting I am holding my beating heat as I spat "Like to count to100 then scream count it ALL joy? before I get out of bed swinging?" He chuckles in knowing me so well and piles up our pillows over our heads as our young roommate moves around, sometimes the laughter of his girlfriend echoes the dark sleepy house, then we both really dig down deep into our bedding faster in hopes to hide from the suddenness of it all while I stated "Ya know when I was 22 years old I didn't even know there was 6am hour! Much less was up laughing?" My hubby would groan back at me mockingly saying my own words used on him at the beginning of this living situation "Soooooo just Count it all joy!"
AND I did, or I mean.... I still DO! but also with every honest thought in me from this experience of having a roommate, I am much more wiser then ever before! So Until the first of April then....

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