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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Learning to cook

When I think of the king of cooking, I smiled to myself at the ever so sexy handsome Gordon Ramsey! He is both smart and smooth with cooking, He's funny, clever and even sweet to his family on his many shows.(I really think that if I had been a guy I would have looked JUST like him! HA!)

       I also think that if I could learn from him, even taking notes like I already do then it makes me feel close to being "kinda cool" or slightly awesome, only I would need his British accent I think to REALLY be more like him, get that full of Awesomeness down correctly!
I love his common sense, his style for perfection and over all these years I have been following him carefully in order to help with my own confidence in the kitchen, I've really gotten  into cooking now more then when I was younger, Lately I think to myself 
"What if Gordon Ramsey came to my home, would my kitchen pass for his proper rules of cleanliness?" THIS is a VERY important question of course, I can just see it ALL now......his wink and grin shinning at me with a thumbs up as I wave back proudly showing off my stuffed rested roasted turkey along side the zesty cranberry sauce for those romantic holidays he has created on his shows. he would blow me a kiss from a far and I would be ever so perfect looking with such plates of good food to share! 
Then I hear the theme song for his tv show "The F word" which wakes me up from my day dreaming so I race into the living room to enjoy the changing of his shirts for work as the show begins! How clever to mix cooking lessons along with such desire for those simple delights in life! 

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