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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Kitchen Sink

       There is one household chore that I love above all else, and it's washing dishes! Now I like to sweep, vacuum or dust, I like to organized and put away clean clothes. I can't go a day without opening a window for a bit of fresh air. ANY and ALL dirty laundry drive me crazy, even a bad odor will send me racing through the house to discover why it's there.....I dislike washing windows, and bath tubs so there are a few chores I hate....yet in my kitchen, in my clean healthy calm good kitchen I have discovered my most favorite place to really CLEAN! Doing dishes by hand since we moved in 6 months ago has reminded me how therapeutic those moments are!
I have a dirty dish side of the counter, I will organize a soapy bowl for the silverware and stack from dirtiest to just so, so dishes Then I lay out thick dry clean towels to catch the rinsed off dishes as I stand there and get to work, The Kitchen window is one of my favorite daydreaming places....After how ever long I wipe down door handles, refrigerator shelving and take out the trash. Then I polish up the kitchen sink so no water pools or lays on it. How amazing it is to have squirrels watch me in the morning, or  candles glow at night. One of the most important things while washing the dishes is to let the silverware soak in that boiling hot water for awhile before you do the dishes, so this is when I wipe down the stove and oven...maybe put some lemon juice in the microwave to easily wipe out then get back to those dishes. Our microwave came to us a week or so ago, (from our old landlords next door) Truly a kind gift that we have actually missed having, we usually re-heat everything in or on the stove, but then there were some late nights when I had wished for a quick and easy microwave......Maybe one day I will ask how did we live so long without a dishwasher also? 
For now I really truly love washing dishes, looking out the kitchen window as one of the  cats may come and sit up there with me chit chatting or a squirrel will dance around outside, It's those simple things that make HOMEMAKING a true joy and artful magic in my life!


  1. Debby,
    If you want some theraputic dish cleaning come on over! haha!

    Love, Dad

  2. Sure Dad! You have a nice view from your kitchen window too! although we both like to say "Tony dishes!" hahahaha