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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight has lost his way! The trend in Hollywood is to squeeze out trilogies like they are GOLDEN eggs! The poor goose can't always get it right! AUGH to Hollywood's greed, really movies are made everywhere of course Hollywood doesn't even house most movie stars in the real world any more, but it's more of title to an organization that creates a film fantasy.
Time and time again our favorite movie classics get add on to tag additional story lines. Everyone knows with this NEW batman in a decade or LESS he will be forgotten for the net generation of batman so on the story goes!
Has anyone mention this last movie should be called "The Dark Knight gives up." NOT rises! Oh for goodness sake movie writers and directors need to references the first movie to the second in order to hold any value by the 3rd.
It was almost annoying to watch this 3rd movie and thank god I didn't see it in the theater for such waste of my money. Christian Bale makes a good batman, in the first story he was conflicted, in the second he was in love and by the 3rd I thought he didn't have many lines to explain himself very well but everything about him was self-pity and self-destruction. Even when they made him bounce back he was NOT the hero he had been in the 2nd movie. (How can you end the story of batman without the joker anymore anyway) We know Heath Ledger would have carried the 3rd movie on to a proper closure if he had lived. So leave it at that and do not try to make a 3rd movie! Just like when they added on to "The Matrix" or "The Pirates of the Caribbean" it is as if this whole movie making world is beating a dead horse. The story was complete, original and classic new ideas were captured so why add on a second or 3rd movie?!?!? 
I am an original first movie admirer, so if you the movie director can pull it off right then I will happily follow even wait in line until midnight for those GOOD movie series, like with "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter" (for with Harry Potter keeping ALL the same kids from the first film to the last was vital to it's legacy!) We could learn from all these successful story lines, but Batman clearly lost it's way in this last film.......

With this Dark Knight trilogy I groaned and moaned complaining through the first half of the movie that I decided to clean my house during the last half. I was frustrated by the propaganda from this 3rd movie, (also I was distracted thinking about those people killed in the movie theater when this film first aired in Colorado.) This movie didn't make my "Watch again" list in fact it made me a bit sick with all the shootings, the predicable love triangle. Then this bad guy standing up against the government, wasn't even a scary guy ..........REALLY this made a bad guy? There wasn't even a good connection to why Batman and him were even fighting.If you look back at the first movie that bad guy had wild eyes AND did human testing, then the famous Joker arrived in the second film so it's important to have the right kind of bad guy honestly by the time the 3rd movie came along we don't really have a bad guy anymore. We don't even have a story line with Batman anymore. So bring in Spider man or Superman since we can't get out of this classic comic book cycle, for there hasn't been any new heroes in awhile, I am sure if anything new comes along it will be repeated, recreated over the next 50 years.......I hope it's actually GOOD then......

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