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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ashland Oregon

It was our first time to Ashland Oregon for our 6th anniversary. Tony said he was tired of always going to Cannon Beach whenever we went on vacation. (I, of course would NEVER say such a thing!) Instead I had seen pictures of Ashland from some of my friends on facebook. Tony and I also wanted to keep our dog with us on this vacation too, We loaded up our car with Oscar's crate in back seat, he wasn't very thrilled to be put inside and then we headed out on the 10 hour drive (it actually took 12 hours after we got lost.) Tony was using his cell phone as the GPS. But when it took us to a grocery store Starbucks a couple of times I was beginning to have very little faith in such things. Even after getting lost our little dog who we let out of his crate by then, laid his head wearily against our arms showing us that he had enough of this road trip. We ended up right in front of our hotel rooms, surround by the ever green trees with the smell of home cooking in the air. We stayed at a very nice place called Green Springs Inn.
Oscar loved the wide open space to run, jump and play. I walked him down the gravel lane passing other cabins and more trees. He was such a happy dog to be finally out of the car, but he also stayed very close to me stopping to listen with nature all around us! My husband found the jacuzzi within the first hour of arriving, After Oscar and I got a good long walk in watching the summer sunset over the mountains, Tony and I went to dinner at the cafe, we were refreshed and happy to start relaxing right away! The Green Springs Inn has such good food, we were amazed by the menu since we loved good home cooked meals. The hamburgers were so big that I had to hold on with both hands, also we enjoyed the local brew. Tony and I found this place to be everything a good vacation should have! The next day in Ashland during the fourth of July parade I was in awe, simply amazed by the pure beauty of the town. With lavender growing along the side walk, Tony pointed it out first that if lavender grew everywhere like that, it meant this was a nice town, people took pride in it! I was so inspired! I knew we could visit this town again! Especially after I reached down to touch the lavender blossoms thinking I was at peace, I was simply happy!


  1. Oh, Debby!! I loved it when you came to Ashland, and I want you and Tony and Oscar to come back!! Love you, lady!

  2. Hey Sweet Laura Lady getting to visit with you was all part of why Ashland was so wonderful!