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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THE Squeaky Toy

Everyone knows that dog parks can be very dangerous places, almost suddenly and without knowing it the whole park can instantly change by a new dog. Now I have seen all kinds of dogs with all kinds of people over the last 4 years. I was thrilled to attend the ribbon cutting of the new dog park in Boise, the first fenced in area of bark and baby trees for the city. This place is open to the public and now has a colorful new play ground for kids too. Located behind the Jewish synagogue this dog park can have from anywhere to 30 dogs to none. When no one is there my dog and I will play ball together and walk around. Sometimes with moments like when I pet a cat who wandered by or laugh at how my dog tries not to step on other dog's poo.  One memory of my dog park time was on a summer evening, I was amazed by all the big dogs that night as the summer sun was setting I saw German shepherds, Labs, Great Danes and even a Rottweiler. I love Rotts because they are truly beautiful and strong so if you can get them on your side, you are safe! I was talking to an elder couple about their Retriever as my little Schnauzer Oscar followed me closely, he wasn't a fan of all big dogs who push him around or got him dirty, he doesn't like getting dirty.  There was maybe 15 big dogs that evening when I saw her walk in. The young woman was a Diva, she was even wearing heels into the dog park as if she wasn't flashy enough! Now I have nothing against looking good, dressing up or copying a magazine model. But in the situation of handling yourself wisely among the dog pack? SHE wasn't going to survive! She had big sparkling sun glasses and chatted on her rhinestone cell phone loudly, her bag was HUGE and all crazy colored. I began to chuckle when a yorky dog popped his head out of the bag, I had seen this before on TV, didn't famous actors carry around their decorated small dog like this? She sighed as she hung up her cell phone with finger nails so fake I just had to stare for a second. She began talking to people asking them what does one actually DO in a dog park. Her poor unbalanced yorky was spinning in crazy circles barking like a wined up toy from a happy meal. My Oscar loves small dogs, he will push himself between the big and smaller dogs watching out for the little guy, so he went to greet the new guy, the yorky bit him on his shaggy bread. I stepped in blocking the yorky from coming any more closer to my dog, The Diva owner began to talk to me and I knew I had to be nice. Someone completely clueless as her maybe was never told how to help your dog have a balanced personality and how to be a calm owner. I tried explaining it to her, how to protect her small dog, how the other dogs have to smell the new guy. This will gain trust among the pack, as an owner you just step back and watch. When the yorky pooped, the Diva screamed and we all jumped by surprise for it, some people laughed at her as she carried on and on about how discussing that was! I was thinking to myself "Oh brother!" as I showed her how to use a plastic bag to clean it up with one scoop. She just stood there screeching with her bleached blond hair all sprayed up high. In dramatic tears she called her boyfriend who arrived shortly to help her deal with her yorky in a dog park. By this time both Oscar and I in our casual attitudes moved far away from her drama. I understood her little dog was just as crazy as she was! The saddest part is that it wasn't the dog's fault, the little guy thought he needed to protect his unstable owner. I was visiting with the owner of the Great Dane, that huge dog was trying to small the yorky and the Dive girl grabbed up her yorky out of fear of the Great Dane. The owner of that big dog shot me an alarming look and I moved in fast to the crazy yorky owner, I said "Don't do that! They were still smelling each other!" I was pulling the Great Dane back as his big nose was still following the little tiny dog up into the air, suddenly the yorky bite his owner's hand, I understood that as an owner of a dog, YOU MUST NEVER EVER expose the belly of a dog to another! Especially if there isn't any trust built there yet, It doesn't matter the size of the dog when they are on all fours they simply feel safer and are in control of their own safety. The yorky had gone into hysterics as he bite the hand that grabbed him as the nose and mouth of the Great Dane was smelling after him. That yorky knew he had lost all control of safety. I don't blame him for biting her and then she screamed. What this crazy young flashy woman did next will always be remembered by me in SLOW MOTION. I was just a foot away in my long sleeved jacket as I threw myself forward releasing the Great Dane to his owner behind me, I threw myself in slow motion saying "NNNNNNNNnnnnnOoooooooooooo!" As that yorky flew through the air because the Diva was mad at her dog for biting her hand and she said "FINE! I won't save you!" THEN she threw her dog like it was a squeaky toy she hated! I was on one foot now jumping to save the poor thing from what I saw to be instant death! Every big huge dog in that park stopped to watch the flying yorky, then they all zoomed in to attack the noisy squeaky toy, Other owners all gasped and yell out warnings as I was just a second away from catching that little guy in mid air, EVERYTHING was terrifying for me! Even in such slow motion as I remembered, I still hoped I could catch him before it was to late, The yorky hit the ground under my shadow as I regain my balance just as dust and loose bark flew into my face for every dog was out to get this little guy, WHAT A MESS! Everyone running in from all over the park grabbing their dogs and the Diva screaming and crying as her boyfriend tried to find the yorky in a cloud of dust and barking. I stepped back because I was on fire with anger, I felt a push on the back of my leg as Oscar stood behind me watching from around my legs at the bad dog fight. HE was telling me it was time to go home, The yorky did lived but the whole mood in the park had changed. I pointed my finger at the Diva Girl and said as strongly as I could for I was truly shaken. "Don't EVER throw your dog in the air like that again! Your actions told all the other dogs that he was fare game!" I really wished I had caught that little guy but he would have shredded my hand no doubt as terrified as he was just hitting the free air and knowing all these dogs were coming to swallow him whole!  There was a certain calmness over Oscar as we left, it was if he thought to himself "Let's leave please as soon as possible I maybe next!" Even now I will bump into someone who was there that day and they will say to me "I remember you from that flying yorky night! How crazy was that!! She was so luckily those dogs didn't kill hers!" I usually joke back saying "Well, it no doubt was the first time those dogs have EVER seen a live squeaky toy!"


  1. This lady sounds like a friggin' idiot who does not deserve to own a dog.


  2. I KNOW! She was crazy and I couldn't believe my eyes when she threw her dog like THAT!