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Monday, February 7, 2011

Milk does a body GOOD!

My husband and I are always taste testing things from the store, We love discussing what is good flavors, We want to capture foods for the real taste in them. So several months ago we did a side by side taste test on milk. We use to drink only soy milk when we were first married then my husband became so sick of soy milk. (Since I love earthly flavors, soy was easy to drink for me) 
We now love whole milk, it is healthier for us to know it's not changed so much. Milk is great for baking, cooking and maybe a glass a day. But we want it be the real thing, maybe even the closest thing to an actual cow in our backyard if we can! Getting back to the natural kind of foods has been our growing journey in our home. Suddenly we are the healthiest of our lives for it too! My own bone structure feels better after my whole milk choice, if dairy isn't possible I have heard almond milk is a good replacement, I only have tried it at the fresh juice shop.....I personally loved our milk taste testing afternoon, We took milk from 3 common grocery stores here in the valley and then tried the Boise Co-op milk the very last. It wasn't hard to realize what milk won instantly, with the BEST taste ever!  I have a strong sharp pallet and I am learning how to pay more attention to it. In the Boise Co-op you can find this wonderful good milk! I now cook with the lesser quality of milks and enjoy a freshly cold glass of the creamy good stuff from Cloverleaf Dairy.
I also think cheese is just as important with flavors and quality,(that could be another blog at another time) The cloverleaf milk has been a fun discovery! I have accidentally tried skim milk only to hear one day on the radio how they make skim, (Ooooh sounded so gross) Actually I think life is way to short in missing out on my freshly baked cookies paired with a yummy tasty glass of old fashion milk!

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  1. Mmm...milk! I'm so proud of you guys! You're making such healthy--and tasty--food choices!!