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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Soda Tip

The crackling bubbles of the glass show it's self cold
The Ice cubes are floating as the soda unfolds
The pallet can taste sweet liquid sugar
The fizz can reach the nose And come to a point when it's to old
When the soda rolls around alive and awake
Helping us gain even more weight
I think to myself that it must be a treat for it is really way sweet!
I can not believe how some people eat with only a soda for a drink
The American polls have come in to say we are on our way
To be more weak with the lack of water
Because of all our chatter over whether it matters 
To have a Coke or a Pepsi our daily pattern
I waited a while before having a soda only to find it tasted unhealthy
I was also surprised by the bigger sizes 
Of a liquid so unnaturally full of chemical prizes
I still will smile at the sparkly bubbles
It looks refreshing, still tasting like candy Which can be addicting 
This beverage can not replace the fresh clean water, but maybe only on a birthday or holiday we should be okay?
It is when we forget how often we have it that Can gets us into trouble
The crackling bubbles reminding us to not rush through the sweet sugary sip
.....And well that is just my own soda tip:-)


  1. Forget that Soda, Debby - stick with wine!! Or maybe Gin!! haha!

  2. NOW I am thinking up a poem for Gin! Yup yup I love it!!