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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steel Magnolias (A movie review)

This movie was the very first modern movie I have ever watched and I really loved it! As a very little kid I loved Dolly Parton, she played Truvy in the movie which caught my interest and I thought Sally Field was perfect as M'Lynn. So in this movie "Steel Magnolias" I noticed instantly that the relationship between Ouiser (Shirley McClain) and Clairee (Olimpia Dukakis) reminded me of my sister Dana and I. We watched this together as teenagers without our parents first knowing until we were sure it wasn't WAY to modern or worldly, so that our mom wouldn't be offended. This was the first glimpse into a whole new world for us, I will always have a soft spot for this film. Now that I own the dvd and my husband brought up this movie's trivia online, I past every question and could quote every line! My poor surprised hubby was laughing hysterically asking "Really! How many times have you watched this movie!?" I chuckled in reply "A million maybe..." Then I got to thinking about how this movie was my very first modern step into the real world, it's just those simple things in the world that helped me grow. There was such a sense of excitement when I watched this movie for the first time, I loved the accents as the ladies talked, their friendships as they unfolded and all the gossip. These ladies were hanging out in the beauty shop with all the emotions of a life time of stories! Now that I am older, comfortably living in the real world and aware of my childhood past to be a better person for the future. I simply love falling into this movie's world, by the peaceful beginning, the soft music, and the nice houses, I smiled happily settling in to watch it. Also knowing full well how sad and how inspiring this movie really is. By the end I am laughing as if I have never seen it before because it never ceases to be so funny to me! Maybe it's the love of the women sticking together through anything that has me coming back time and again! Whenever I say "It's a chick flick night for me" the chances that I am watching "Steel Magnolias" is very high. After my husband tested me on this film, he realized I knew this movie forwards or backwards. He is even laughing right now as I am writing this! I told him he inspired me to write a movie review about my first real movie I took a chance on. Now actually this makes me want to go watch this movie again! ..........For the millionth and one time  :-D

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