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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ironed Jawed Angels (A movie Review)

          I was fascinated by HBO that first year I was married. In my newly wed apartment I found peace and quiet that didn't exist in my old apartment full of people coming and going. Both of my old roommates still lived there and were changing it all around. I had opened my first apartment for everyone to have a place to stay, come and go. But after a while I realized the place took on a life force of it's own. I was always made fun of just because I went to bed early and still baked everyone chocolate chips when they all got stoned. I didn't have any interest in pot nor did I want to be alone so if everyone was high I thought they will get the munchies so fresh baked cookies kept everyone safe from driving around for snacks. Once I was married I was amazed at how peaceful my life was becoming. Suddenly my chocolate chips stayed around for the whole week and my husband liked going to bed early too! We had free cable TV and I was amazed by it after just having a TV for only movies in my other place. HBO had the "Sopranos" going that February of 2004. I loved my new home with everything cozy and clean as I wanted it. My husband was happy to not be surround by the drama of the roommates as well. As I sat one night in the dark little living room watching HBO again. I was amazed to discover this fascinating story called "Ironed Jawed Angels." I recognized Hillary Swank instantly and the music from the beginning was already on my Itunes list so I just felt that I would like watching this. How powerful, how amazing I thought as I sat enthralled! I was amazed to learn women were strong, confident and classy all at the same time even back in 1912. Once again I realized there was so much to learn about history, somehow I wasn't going to let myself just sit there not wondering about my own right to vote. Ironed Jawed Angels is a story about Alice Paul (Hillary Swank) Lucy Burns (Frances O'Connor) These young women were activist for women having the right to vote, Their agenda was getting the "Susan B. Anthony Amendment" passed for the women. This movie is one of my most favorite because it is heroic and makes me so proud to be a Woman! I didn't get to grow up with that kind of pride, that kind of confidence so I had to create my own idea of self worth. In this movie I didn't have to make anything up for it is real, maybe my soul always knew Alice Paul. Maybe I should honor these women by voting again and not give up when I seek change. This movie is strikingly beautiful and the women are happy to just be women! President Wilson had no idea what the power of women actually meant, he was busy with world war 1 and then the picketing at the white house even in a time of war. I felt so proud that women can be just as brave as a man, that I am not alone in this hope. The hope that women have the answers for world peace, they have the comfort for all of humanity and they have the strongest loved. This movie was the first time I thought "I bet God is a woman, I am sure she is just waiting peacefully to show all these bulling men who is REALLY in charge!" I chuckled to myself at this thought.

I was 17 years old when my mom rolled her eyes at me as we watched the news on tv, I hadn't been paying attention so I glanced at her as she went off. "The worse thing that ever happened for women was getting to right to vote. That just opened the door for these crazy feminist and now they are putting women in charge of government, we are IN TROUBLE." I questioned her back saying "You don't want to the right to vote?!" Mom shook her head "Nope! I don't need to vote. When a woman has a husband he represent her in voting. The worse thing a woman can do is think she is better then a man. Because that takes away a man's pride and his job. Women have forgotten their place in society ever since we go the right to vote and now the family structure is broken. Men don't know their roll or responsibility because a woman has taken over their job." I listened carefully as I replied "It should be teamwork in everything, equal rights for both sides and really not all marriages are like that...So if a man votes chances are he has his own opinion not his wife's in mind especially if they disagreed." Mom nodded with a smirk in reply "THAT is why you should marry someone who thinks exactly like you do." I sighed deeply, because I was thinking marriage is the last thing I needed to worry about.

August 26,1920 with the help of 36 states the Susan B. Anthony Amendment passed, 20 million women now had the right to vote, the right to be free!
I want to personally say THANK YOU to all those women!

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