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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Reason for Hope (A book review)

When my aunt sent me this book, I read it so quickly for I had always been a fan of Jane Goodall. Her book "A Reason for Hope." Is full of important stories, of her memories and importantly her hope. She heard a calling so young in her life to reach out to the world around her. When she says that we must try everyday to end the violence, end the pain and the hatred. I thought about what it takes to have that kind of courage! I hope someday when I am 76 years old that I can be even half the help to this world as Jane has been! She is inspiring and aware of what it takes to make a difference. In my own personal hope the good will always win and create a much better world.
         This book leads the reader into her thoughts and her history, She loves sharing her home and her family. It tells us about what it was like for her to camp out in Gombe during her very first time, while she looking for the chimpanzees. She soon discovered how people are more connected to nature, to animals then they realize.  She even wrote about how she sad she was when she learned of the chimps being tested and jailed in laboratories. I found myself getting very angry over the lack of compassion people have towards animals, it's an anger I have had my whole life. As I read this part of the book my anger would melt right into tears, crying is the helplessness I feel as I am trying to rescue every animal out there. I understand this desire in me was there from the moment I was born. That desire to love and to stop animal torture! I saw growing up this self superiority humans have in  thinking they are better then animals. When in fact animals often teach us humans something new about ourselves. I personally believe animals are talking to us all the time, but not every one will stop to listen. Our hope comes from learning more about our animal kingdom,  Our hope comes from seeing how we are all connected and we are all alive. Most importantly by simply loving and healing this world full of living things, by respecting ourselves, by realizing the power for good is also in our very own hands then..... 

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