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Thursday, February 3, 2011

7th year Married

July 5, 2010 was spent in Cannon Beach Oregon. We stayed there 5 days to enjoy the holiday weekend. I loved it so much that waking up was easy, I had so much energy and pure happiness! I walked the neighborhood of small cabins and cottages while the sun came up, My dog Oscar and I took it all in. The nature, the sounds of the ocean and the little bunny rabbits that were everywhere! With all shapes and sizes of every color bunnies running here and there, living wildly in the dark green yards of these ocean side homes. I would take Oscar off the leash the moment we hit the sandy bank! He would shoot out into the ocean chasing the group of seagulls acting all "Bad Ass" like he was some big tough dog when the birds flew up. I would laugh so hard watching his funny personality, He never went to far and it was early enough in the morning that we had the whole coast line to ourselves, Oscar and I had such peace in this "Utopia" vacation spot. My husband Tony usually woke up later in the morning, so by the time I returned back to our room at The Ocean Lodge, I had his coffee and breakfast for him. We were celebrating 7 married years together. As Oscar took his nap and I would soak in a big bubble bath. Tony took me out for dinner to a place with yummy clams and cold beers, we watched the sunset over the ocean on a bench together talking about how each anniversary keeps getting better and better. When we sat that last morning in a coffee shop before we headed back home to Boise Idaho. I tried not to cry, for I never want to leave! I love running out to the ocean waves, feeling free with my dog beside me...and seeing Tony resting up on sore waving to us. It's so hard for me to ever leave without a few tears... The fact my husband knows this about me, makes me smile while I dry my eyes. We sat for one last moment at Bella Espresso, Tony comforted me as he said "We always come back, who knows maybe some day we will actually Live here? I would love to give that to you!" With his sweet loving brown eyes I can leave our vacation memories to return home. Tony promised we will return again to our beloved Cannon Beach, for we always do!

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