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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can the Cheese cut it?

My husband and I love discovering which brands of food are the best flavored. We did this again in our search for cheese, on one of our many taste testings afternoons. It was over the fact I bought a generic brand of cheese because it was cheaper. AND because I said "Cheese is cheese!" (Something my own mom had said to me, when I said I didn't like her already shredded cheese that she got in those huge bags from Costco. It had that after taste of "Anti-cake powder". Leaving my mouth all foamy from that powder) Now my sweet knowledgeable husband Tony gasped in shock by my statement. He replied "I will have you know! That cheese is not just cheese! It's so much more! There is a whole world out there on cheese flavors alone!....The real taste of cheese is by far more important then saving a couple of dollars!" I laughed as he shared his passion for cheese, I adore him when he gets rattled up. Back when we were dating he took me to a restaurant for an appetizer of 3 different kinds of goat cheese that I thought was all so amazing! I also discovered BRE and was hooked by the very first bite! It reminded me of black walnuts right off my childhood farm, that yummy perfect taste of BRE cheese opened my eyes to other things besides just cheddar. Goat cheese was a whole new world of earthy strong flavors, with the different textures I found this new cheese world simply yummy! Tony and I laughed so hard one night watching an episode of "Frasier." when they reacted to "American cheese". Tony said that was a discussing slime in plastic, it should NOT be associated with America in it's name. I replied "I use to like American cheese as a kid we had it all the time!" Tony stared in horror at me and I realized how shocking this was to say out loud, because I would never purchase such a thing now! (heehee)  
Our afternoon of talking about Cheese, of tasting so many different kinds and after watching a tour through the cheese factory on the TV channel "The Food Network." We made an agreement that I would NOT ever settle for less taste just to save $ when next time I purchase cheese. Tillamook Cheese won over 4 brands of the same cheddar and Sharp cheddar won the taste testing over all. Currently with pizza or sandwiches I can tell instantly a difference when lesser quality cheese is used. After that cheese tasting test we changed our butter and sour cream over to support the Tillamook company. I now love the amazingly flavored world of cheese just as much as my husband! 
Because Cheese isn't just cheese it is a journey of wonder, of flavors, of adventure! AND of a yummy aroma coming from your kitchen:-)

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