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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Milkshake Thought

When the thick blended ice cream hits the frozen fruit or candies such yummy fun colors come together 

When the heat of the day makes you crave a creamy refreshing brake

When you hold that heavy icy cup smiling at the bursting of summer's ups

When you take time out from the sun to be so lazy, thinking only of fun
When the milkshake makes you hazy and gets your fingers all sticky                                                                    
When you feel like a kid as the ice cream slides down your chin

When the milkshake is perfectly yummy
Cooling down your tummy

You can't help but be a bit more fatty, smiling a bit more freely as the milkshake disappears all together 
Then you exclaim "Oh for goodness sake! I really take the cake! every drop is gone, every bite is ate, that beverage didn't stay long and my body is strong, So let's bring it on! I have some new flavors to try... 
MY OooH MY!"


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