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Monday, January 30, 2017


                I have always loved the drums, I even have a book on how to play the drums yet I never made the investment for actual lessons. I think that is why I LOVE Pound Class so much!
 And I have tried Tibo back in the day, got really into Zomba for awhile and still love yoga.
But it's drumming that has me so thrilled to get back into shape again, this has been a very cold and snowy winter I am ready for a bit more sunshine and a bit more movement again.....
Going to Pound Class helps me stay moving and feeling very alive after getting all warmed up!
I love moving the sticks to the music while trying to keep up with everyone else in the studio.
Drumming out frustration over politics or religion, over dramas and traumas helps me feel very strong in the end. 
I can be both playful and skillful in learning how to pound.
I can meet new people and feel so encouraged with all of us as a group making noise and dancing together.

It's simply a good time learning how to drum away the afternoon!

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