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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thanks for the Memories Lyrics

I am learning how to pound to this song in class, among many others....I think I could dedicate this song to this crazy stormy winter, to all this snow and deep cold. To the days right after Thanksgiving in icy sidewalks and to New year's eve as my car was stuck in our long driveway and I was in bed with all the dogs and cats on me watching the fascinating TV series "The OA."
What a winter this has been! What crazy cold stuck at home mostly every day while my husband also works from home and while I cook up a few meals at a time.....
This is a reflective time in our lives not a social season at all!
I am learning to like to view outside of never melting snow, of keeping the water fresh outside every morning and night for the nature critters, to walk like a penguin and never go far out into this winter wonderland with out gloves!
Now that we have arrived to February 1st today the misting snow still falls down from the gray sky and I sigh, "Thanks for the memories, but I am still in love with Summer so I gotta keep moving forward in this new year sorry,"
I am learning to enjoy this season with the help of getting out to Pound Class as long as my car doesn't slide off the road or get stuck...then I am good to drum on towards spring!  

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