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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sideways - The Life Of Wine

This is one of my favorite scenes, where Maya captures the romance in this clip from the movie "Sideways." 
I will always remember how fun it was to see this in the theater, It was so real life, so cleverly put together with the crazy scenes of their adventures and laughing as we watched on in relating to the fact we all have that one friend who gets us into trouble at times!
As it ends with such beauty and kindness that I love still after all these years,  for it reminded me of our wine tasting vacations, the time in my life when we own 6 copies of this film for gifts or for loaning it out.....Because we loved it so much, the vineyards are beautiful in this movie. It shares with us how Wine is magic from the grapes, the beverage of romantic sunsets, holidays and celebrations! We bring a part of history into our lives as we pour a glass to enjoy!

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