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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Amazing Aunts

I have many aunts, some really amazing and some very difficult, I like them all with a bursting heart of grateful joy to have them teach me so much about sisterhood and what it means to be a woman both in difficult situations or playful adventures!

My father's 4 sisters were the first women in my life who gave me the greatest gift of friendship and love!

And I am grateful for their guidance and their wisdom in my life! As I reconnected with them again almost a decade ago in my adulthood, my life was made so beautiful and magical by their loyal love!

    These women gave me such gifts, such joys and such wonderful friendships! I shall always be thankful and in awe of their great beauty!
My Aunt Chris, My Aunt Kaisie, My Auntie Val and My Aunt Veta (Aunt Vee)  
These are my Amazing Aunts! Women of such wisdom and grace! 
I am so glad to know them, and happy to have such love in our laughter and in our time together!

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