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Friday, January 20, 2017

Every Woman

It has always been my favorite time spent in a group of women for as long as I can remember!

I loved when my Mother and her sisters gathered together in the bedrooms of my Grandparents to talk and laugh together away from the men and kids. I loved how lacy my life was a little girl in ruffles and thrills. I looked forward to my bible studies with all the ladies from my church growing up, with my girlfriends and I in slumber parties over "Anne of Green Gables." movies.
In getting ready for weddings, as we young women helped with hair, flowers and make-up. We supported each other as women in so many ways, and I carry that desire and fire in me ALWAYS.
Every woman is very important to me, even the catty bitches or game players out there....I can handle myself so much better with them knowing I have an endless sisterhood all round me in goodhearted and kind women! 
I am never alone in the female world, and I am truly grateful! 
We have so much to give to our communities and our societies, to better the world for the next generations and to be there for every newborn with the joy and love that womanhood gives us!
Every woman holds the key for a successful and happy family, every woman holds the earth within her hands and can breath magic into her life time stories!
The laughter and love, the friendship and understanding is the true value in the world of women, I find see it for myself the glory of the girls being together in unconditional love!
Every woman is able to give back to the society, to teach the children not to hate.
To save the day and change their fate!
Every woman is a powerful wild force for good or for bad, I loved how my life was blessed by ALL the women even the bitches to teach me how to live stronger and dream bigger!
To every woman I know, I am sending out loves and hugs, I am sending out my thankfulness to know you and to love you!
March On tomorrow! March on!

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