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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It's a new year so naturally I have to share Jon Katz's blog Bedlam Farm.
   His shares how people react to him saying "Happy New year!" and I have experienced more fear from people then ever before, Trump is going shake up the nation, and while I won't ignore his next 4 years, I also won't let him steal my sunshine. He is a rich old man who has nothing in common with me. and I have realized that since everything is fleeting, this to shall pass. 
What will be left is cause for concern. I will stand strong in my awareness, in my joy and peace of mind.....this year's word for me is Courage, I say with a big smile "Bring it on."

My courage is here, my love for my life and how I see the world through my eyes is here shinning brightly with hope that the future still holds so many new life lessons for me.

It takes courage to live the best life possible, to not allow other people to bully you or try to control you.

It takes courage to speak honestly and say the nicest things possible, because the fear in people is that by saying "I love you, I love you, I love you." You become vulnerable, but NOT when you have courage, you know that love is a powerful word like a magic shield that once you embrace love hate simply bounces off and can't find you in the fray!

2017 begins with courage in this thick snow fall outside today,
with the fuzzy blankets as cats nap in-between the dogs,
as my husband studies for the Bar exam,
while I reflective over my life in awe and in such gratefulness.
I am done with being "busy" in my life, for that keeps me away from the most important things to me. 
it's time that I become Courageous in facing "time." with the proper respect as fleeting as it actually is.

Bring it on! I have all the time in the world to live in this new year! 

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