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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Life of Women

I know why I marched on Saturday and I know why I support my sisterhood in all the different women from my community. 

The life of a Woman has been a struggle for hundreds of years, we have come a long ways in standing up and fighting back, in changing our stories, in being able to have control over our own bodies, We can vote, we can own land and we can choose to get married or not. 

 I am grateful and proud to be a woman, my mother gave me her mothering qualities, her soft arms and sweet smile. My mother gave me lots to think about and learn from her own world view. I take so much more from my mother then just all of her good things, I see her struggle and her judgmental opinions as food for thought, helping me to debate back with her in better ways. My mother used to say "Women should never of been allowed to vote, it was the beginning of the end for good families to be raised, because now women think themselves better then men and don't stay home anymore! They don't cook good food for their families anymore too...all because we won the vote, we lost everything God wanted for us in being a good women."
I replied "I completely disagree, raising good families should be equal responsibility from the mother and the father, let the Dad bake up some cookies and stay home to help support his spouse if she is really good at her job." My mother gasped and shook her head at me helplessly for she could see I wasn't following in line with what women SHOULD do, what they can and can't do. I will always remember the hundreds of conversations like this I had with her.
She and I came form different generations, and I would not be put into motherhood, into a marriage that I didn't have a say for how things will go for my life.
I have such thankfulness to my mother being from the opposite side of all these issues for women, because it made me even more zealous and determined that women have equal rights with men, that everyone works TOGETHER for the same needs in their society. I perfected my arguments and set up my own platform for women's right in my teen years from having the kind of mother that I did, she and I went round and round she had more bible verses then me in our discussions. But I knew in my heart as a woman myself there was far more out there for the female gender then raising a perfect family, yet at least we should all have the choice to be who we really are.
I tip my hat and say "Thank you." from the bottom of my heart to all these brave women listed here
AND to my mother who gave me this life and kept me on my toes!
I say to her with so much love "Thank you Mamma, Thank you for helping me find the courage I now have to change our world....I will always fight on!"

Why we marched.

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