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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pound Class

It was the last Wednesday evening in September I sat outside with my friend Sandy waiting for Carol to join us, as we enjoyed the nice weather next the to Boise River and watch those walking the Greenbelt. It was beautiful every where I looked from around the Coiled winery.

Boise Idaho in late summer, early fall is truly breath taking as it's nickname is the "city of trees."
Sandy sighed happily saying getting out of the house to be with her "sisters." is exactly what she needed.
I told her that I saw a video on the internet that Melissa, Sandy's daughter shared about Pound Class. This was going to be my first time at it, I was very very excited! Moving drum sticks to music while stretching and dancing looked totally AWESOME!
The 3 of us sat inside getting ready, in a moment of pure beauty I catch sight of our drumming instructor and I was impressed at how strong she looked, with the most perfectly shaped arms I have ever seen! Her long hair moved with her as she began teaching all of us how to hold the sticks and how to stand.
There was something very intriguing about her confidence and kindness, I was thrilled to drum, to dance and to enjoy the music!
I was laughing at times with Sandy as we had to stop to catch our breath!
The movements, the exercise and the empowering feeling of being a "rock star." was creating such a MAGICAL night! ......and I was hooked on Pound just like that!
That night with a glass of wine, cooling down outside to the wonderful smell of the Boise river we visited, we met new ladies and chatted awhile in winery.
I loved meeting our instructor, her smiles, encouragement and jokes were truly wonderful I didn't feel intimidated, I like her instantly! 
It was even more important to me in learning something new that night, to get myself moving and stretching a bit more through the beat of music!
I LOVED it ALL that night! It was fun to meet Amanda with her sparkling beauty, with the heat in my legs and arms from pounding it out to fun songs, to laughing and sweating with Sandy and Carol! Meeting new people, trying new wines and enjoying the familiar sight of the ending summer time!
While Sandy's daughter Melissa was visiting for Christmas, we all went to Pound Class together and had such a fun workout! I told her that she was the one who first shared the video that really stuck with me and got me into Pound!
I was thrilled to enjoy my birthday yesterday at 28th Street Barre & Soul for Pound Class with Amanda.
It's fun to see how attending class regularly has helped me get better at it, at actually holding the rhythm and getting such a good lovely sister-in-law surprised me at the door of the studio and we enjoyed the class together for my 38th birthday!
And there is nothing in the world like pretending to be a drummer or feel like a rock star for my birthday!

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