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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Every Woman

 "I have the face of a peach!" I declared out loud to my roommates as we were putting on make up for a girls night out, we laughed and began to compare our 3 bodies in the mirror making fun of ourselves with laughter and with confidence.
While the 3 of us stood side by side we were one head taller then the other I was in the middle in my "roley poly" body, while one stood tall, slim with a long chin line and to my other side a smaller face with big eyes looked back at all of us with a smile.
We were so perfect in this moment, and in that moment at midnight when we ran around our backyard naked in the rain hand in hand!
With only our thong undies on I wore red pair while they had purple and black even our butts were shaped so differently as we huddled together then race around arms out giggling so much!
We were young women, and we were happy with our bodies after having made so many jokes about them and realizing our "self talk." wasn't helping us be better and happier in our bodies so we faced our fear and ran out in the rain storm that cut the power all around us!
For each of us had such a different shape body, such a different taste in clothing and hair styles but we saw how beautiful we were just as we are, as long as we reminded each other what we saw in each other.

Every woman has to find herself among the judgement of society, if you can have a sisterhood that helps support you then it can really change your own mind's eye of what is beautiful.

The roley poly woman is very endearing to the memories of a Grandma or a comforting mother, for some men it's even a sexy shape that has them smiling happily from ear to ear when embraced......but the magazines, TV commercials and actual clothing sizes don't always support the healthy, happy woman.

Once we learn how to break free from those stereotypes we can change the whole world and give our daughters of the future a better body imaged loved by all! 

My mother use to put me on a diet, or make me go on walks around the farm with her as she said "You can't get fat until you are married. You are way to young be a size 14." I smiled humorously back at my very worried mother in saying "If my husband doesn't love me for just how I am then I am not meant to be with him, chance are I am with the WRONG guy!....and Food is the best thing in the whole world I will not miss out on it." I kept laughing because ever since I was little my mother worried about my weigh for me so I didn't have to, at the same time she was an amazing cook! Apple pie was always on the shelf at home too.....
My mother sighed as if I didn't understand her advice, I realized while we walked side by side that we looked at things so differently.......that every woman has to struggle with liking herself if taking in all the other advice and judgement out there!

Be there for ALL women in every size! and change the story about what society says is how a woman should look!

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