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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sting - Fields of gold

......Or for today "Fields of SNOW." with recorded breaking inches covering the ground I am not going out today at all and all my pets seem happier for it too <3

I love this song, reminds me of singing it to myself while driving to work in cold windy lightly snowy days, on my way to Mack's fruit stand at the age of 19. Even though it was winter we stayed open in the garage like building selling bananas, eggs and milk. With rows of can goods, 50 pound bags of potatoes and rice I loved my 8 to 5 job in visiting with local customers and lifting 25 pounds in pinto beans into their trucks!
Simply by listening to this song again I am taken back to my favorite hard working job! 

as I walk in fields of memories today.......

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