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Monday, January 16, 2017

My Caring Cousin

It has been such a big part of my life now, having a wonderful friendship with my Cousin Trina.

She was like my "big Sister." when I was born. Since our parents came together for family dinners and events we played. We grew up very close in age, in family and in our similar interest.
 She was always teaching me about what was really going on, always give me a little gift every time we had to part. Since I lived 8 hours away, we wrote letters and sent cards, pictures and the occasional phone call. I admire her always in my childhood and relied on her help in my teenage years. 
We were always friends not just family, after her daughter was born our Papa Rudy passed away so I didn't see her for a while as motherhood kept her busy and as I learned to live in my first apartment.

The wonders of social media helps me find her again, and brings her into my world of today!

She is now a mother of 3, with a farm to run and a best friend for her husband, we can talk an easy 2 hours over the phone if we both make the time in the late evenings or early afternoons. I have been trying to go see her in person at her busy lively farm for years now.....

While my own critters and my own husband going through law school has kept me home bound when I would love to hit the road and see her beautiful face! Embracing our friendship and our strong "sisterhood." that makes me realize who I am today comes from so much she has taught me while I was growing up!
and while I enjoy connecting with her through facebook and her blog:

I know that in all these days of wishing I could run her a huge pot of my homemade soup, my extra help or my many baked goods.
I know whenever I arrive, whenever I have reached her I will be overwhelmingly grateful and I will always admire her caring kind heart that has always been there for me!
She is wise and wonderful in her farming life, she is the first animal lover I have ever met in my whole life!
Everything I am still learning about nature and the wild is made even more magical because I can chat it up with her! We have a family history that means so much to me, we have a life long friendship that I am ever so grateful to have! And we have so much in common just in general, with our lives of living side by side to all of God's creatures and nature....we support each other, encouraging each other to carry the fire of warmth and love ALWAYS! 
She is one of my most favorite people in the whole world, I love everything about her just as she is.
Our adventures began when we were just little kids, now we laugh when we remember and when we react to things happening in our society we more often then not agree or share the same common sense. It is always so much fun for me to see our family traits both good and bad in ourselves that we share with each other how we are living our lives right now!

My caring cousin Trina is one of the bravest, strongest souls I have ever met! I am left in awe of her in so many ways, I am grateful to know her and love her so much!

Whenever I see her I smile again and we talk like no time was ever lost between us!

Whenever I share about how women should support each other, how we should be there no matter what.... I think of my caring cousin Trina who called me everyday when my mother had a stroke. 
My heart is grateful to have such a loving cousin as amazing as Trina!

"I broke my knee, I broke my knee.......Almost!"

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