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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

James Blunt - Shine On (lyrics)

                               It's snowing right now, so I have to think happy thoughts of sunshine, and hope!
I am sore and cold, I am frustrated by the limitation of icy roads and how often my little car gets stuck in all this crazy snow over the last 2 months,  and I hardly want to ever leave home because of all the troubles that could happen.....

I turned to my dog Oscar saying "One morning we will wake up and it will be spring time again, I promise!"
He moans and groans, limps and cuddles with me as this cold has him very moody and very old in some ways....I love all my cats and all my dogs as I make sure each one has good foods and fresh water, with blankets right out from the dryer, nice and warm. We all survive closely together these days in hoping to see the seasons changed again soon and melt all this snow away!

My husband just said "This has been the perfect winter to study for the BAR exam, no distractions and no desire to go out."

I make a second pot of coffee and wish to see a glimpse of sun light again, I'll just sing along to "Shine on." I guess......

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